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Current Mortgage Rates in BC

We shop the most competitive brokers, lenders and banks in BC to bring you today’s lowest interest rates, free of charge! Our comparison charts list current BC rates, and are updated on a daily basis. To compare a certain category, click on the “See All” button for more details.

Find the Cheapest Mortgage Rates in British Columbia

Check out the comparison charts above for the lowest mortgage rate deals in BC. If you want more information – fixed vs. variable, open vs. closed, and prepayment options – visit our Education Centre The education centre is full of great information, advice, and Education Centre . If you would like up-to-the-minute personal service please choose a broker above to receive a phone call from a BC mortgage broker near you.

Should I get an open or closed mortgage rate in BC?

Closed mortgages are the popular choice in BC. They usually have lower interest rates which allow you to save money on a monthly basis. There are still some prepayment options in closed mortgages – however the amount by which an increase can be made to the monthly payment and the size of a lump sum payment to the principal are restricted.

The alternative, an open mortgage, allows borrowers to increase the size of their payment, or make un-restricted lump sum payments at anytime. This flexible mortgage is often chosen by those borrowers who plan to move in the near future.

What is the difference between a variable vs. fixed mortgage rate?

The popular mortgage choice has a fixed rate. Fixed mortgages have stable interest rates for the term of the mortgage. This stability makes budgeting and planning easier and more predictable. This stability results in the fixed mortgage being the preferred choice for most homeowners in BC.

A benefit of variable mortgages is that they usually have lower interest rates. However, because these rates change over the life of the mortgage, monthly payments will vary. To learn more check out the variable vs. fixed section.

What are prepayment options?

The amount of repayment a borrower can make towards the principal is restricted every year by the prepayment options. One option is to increase your monthly payment amount by a certain, set percentage. This increase in payment reduces the amortization period, and thus total interest paid on a mortgage.

The second option is to make a lump sum payment directly towards the principal of your mortgage. The amount of prepayment possible is set based on the initial value of the premium at the beginning of your mortgage term.

What is a mortgage ratehold?

Rateholds allow borrowers to freeze interest rates at today’s current rate for a certain number of days. This can be done prior to renewal or closing to freeze a favourable interest rate.

BC Housing Market Details 1

The BC real estate market should continue its growth throughout 2011 and 2012. This is due, in large part, to low mortgage interest rates, and increasing employment and population size. The forecasted increase in BC’s economy should lead to employment generation and an increase in full-time versus part-time work. These economic factors will further increase the interprovincial migration to British Columbia and will directly affect the housing market in a positive way.

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