Drug – Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in San Diego, CA

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Welcome to Stark Behavioral Health…

We’re Here to Help You.

It takes compassionate care when locating the right treatment center for an individual needing assistance with mental health challenges and/or addictions. At Stark Behavioral Health, we’ve redefined the meaning of genuine care for those requiring a “helping hand” towards treatment and recovery. Considered a leader in the industry, our advisors navigate clients toward the best drug rehab centers and behavioral health services not only in Southern California but also across the nation. We team up with the top addiction treatment centers so they can identify a client’s challenges and begin the healing journey.

San Diego California Drug Rehab: A Destination of Hope

Based in San Diego, Stark Behavioral Health’s Southern California headquarters seeks to provide our clients with hope in locating the finest treatment center to address their needs. With compassion at the forefront, we exude professionalism while teaming up with more than 20 exceptional state licensed facilities both in Southern California and nationwide. Our mission is to work with rehab centers which offer statistically proven data for its clientele in relation to health, wellness, and a life of sobriety. When it comes to a drug addiction or alcohol treatment center, we will only seek out the most premier facilities. And our advisors won’t ever settle for less because our clients’ successes mean the world to us.

All Drug Rehab Treatment Programs Centers Are Not The Same

Over the years, at Stark Behavioral Health, we have finessed the way we find their clients a perfectly matched treatment center to address drug addiction, alcoholism, or both. Clearly, no addiction is the same which makes each client’s situation unique. Understanding this distinctiveness enables us to navigate clients to the right facility which may include the following:

  • Inpatient Drug Rehab
  • Residential Alcohol Rehab
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

And more…. We will determine a client’s individual needs, deeming if a residential treatment center or intensive outpatient programs is most optimal. The unwavering goal for our advisors is to ensure clients receive progressive treatment options and tools to help build a successful road toward rehabilitation.

A Glimpse Into Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

At Stark Behavioral Health, we know taking the first step is indeed the hardest, but what awaits clients is a newfound life reaping with rewards. While each residential drug treatment facility differs, advanced centers offer an array of features to help those break free from their addictions. The finest doctors and addiction counselors will nurture clients through different recovery modalities such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Equine Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Acupuncture and Massage

And more…. Progressive drug rehab centers clearly grasp the concept that an integrative and multifaceted approach is one brimming with long-term milestones of sobriety and wellness victories.

A New Age Of Detox Centers

Individuals depend on Stark Behavioral Health, because we are fully aware in how clients are more willing to take the initial steps towards a substance abuse treatment program when the detox phase is measured by comfort and excellent accommodations. We will locate the right facility which relates to a client’s specific addiction and age range. It’s important to note our team will fulfill the wishes of our clients if they prefer private or semi-private rooms. During this phase, detox centers will have professional staff members on hand monitoring clients during the process for a smooth transition. In cases of medical detox, this can be done either at a residential treatment facility or at an off-site center. This is dependent on the client’s individual case.

Implementing Behavioral Health Treatment

At Stark Behavioral Health, we are well versed with clientele who may have a dual diagnosis. Simply, this means that their addiction may be a direct link to a mental ailment. The finest residential treatment centers and intensive outpatient programs will tailor recovery programs which address an alcohol and/or drug addiction with a mental health issue which may include:

Drug Rehab and Behavioral Health Services: A Brighter Future

Our compassionate advisors understand that life can be faced with hurdles following rehab. This is why aftercare is essential. Because of this, we remain in close contact with our clients to monitor their progress and celebrate their successes. Make no mistake that we will provide support to encourage a life free of drug and alcohol dependency punctuated by optimum health and wellness. One call can change everything…..and help those live the life they were meant to live.

When I first called Stark to get help for our 23-year-old daughter who was having a serious drinking and drug problem, I didn’t know what to do. (Read More )

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