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Fire Flood Restoration for fire, water and smoke damage repairs in London

Recovering from fire or flood damage is often a long and arduous experience for any business or individual. If it’s your own home, it’s usually a heart-rending one too.

But there are ways of making it easier. As a Fire and Flood Restoration Company we have been helping businesses and householders across North and Central London for over 30 years to fix matters and to get their property back to where it was. Quickly, effectively, and without costing a fortune. We also work with property management companies and lettings agencies. More details are under about us

More experience, greater care, better equipment

We totally appreciate how devastating a fire or flood can be to your home or business. That’s why we can soon assess what needs to be done and have all the expertise and tools needed to do it – we may have been around for a long time, but we use all the latest equipment. Plus, unlike some companies which have to hire specialist kit at extra cost and delay, all our equipment is our own.

Other fire or flood restoration firms are often franchises. They tend to lack the background knowledge and range of tools needed for the job, and are only as good as whoever happened to buy the franchise. We’re a family firm and have been in business for around 30 years so we know what’s needed and when, as you can see from our testimonials . In fact there are plenty of reasons to choose us

All the services you require

Fire damage doesn’t just mean burns, and flood damage doesn’t just mean damp. Removal of smoke damage, odours and mould are often all part of the clean-up process. Fortunately, we’re well equipped to handle them all. Just take a look at our services page and to see our equipment in action, visit our gallery

We’re also very experienced at providing advice on anything from insurance claims through to all aspects of the cleaning process – good starting points are our frequently asked questions and hints tips

Contact us now

Whether it’s your home or business that’s affected, or a property that you manage, we can help.

In an emergency, call 020 8340 8338 – you’ll speak straightaway to a real person, not a machine, any time 24/7, and we’ll be on to it immediately.

We can deal with insurers, loss adjusters, surveyors, engineers and so on. Plus we have plumbers, electricians, decorators and anyone else you need to get back on your feet. We can even provide specialist craftspeople. For businesses, we can also provide office or warehouse space at short notice if your premises are unusable.

In other words, we offer a complete practical solution, whatever the problem. Calmly and efficiently. And with no upfront payment required.

Alternatively, visit our contact page

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