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Financial One Mortgage Corporation

Welcome to Financial One Mortgage Corporation! We are a full-service Mortgage Banking Company established in 1996; headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in Mortgages for Home Purchasing and Refinancing of Residential Property- single family homes and homes with up to four (4) units. We offer mortgage loans from $50K to $1M, on most loan products. (Ex: Investment Property Loan products can range from approx. $50K to $424K and some Jumbo Loan Products can exceed $1M). Whether you’re purchasing a new property, or refinancing a current one, our LOW RATES and LOW CLOSING COSTS can maximize your financing goals. All of our loan programs are PERSONALIZED to meet your individual needs and to obtain the best product and program for which you qualify!

With over 20 years of experience, our team will work to ensure that you make it to the closing table according to your contract, and on time. We specialize in CONVENTIONAL AND JUMBO mortgage loans. We also offer FHA and VA mortgage loan products!

We offer a wide range of refinancing options that can lower the current rate and/or term on an existing loan. We take the time that is necessary to provide each customer with their best options to insure that the mortgage loan product they choose will provide the maximum resource available.

If you’re looking to access your equity for home improvement, investment, consolidation of outstanding debt, or to simply to lower your monthly payment or interest rate, we can assist you with personalized options that will meet and maximize your financial goals.

Doctors Only Loans– 0% down with NO MI option, Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance Program (option for 10 -15% down)- no monthly mortgage insurance payments by borrower, Jumbo Loans – including 5% down, Alternative Asset Qualification (consideration of substantial investment or retirement assets as qualifying monthly income), 85% Cash-Out Refinance, 3% down Conventional Purchase, Residential Investment Properties- 1 to 4 units.

Contact Financial One TODAY at (800) 466-0004 to discuss your mortgage loan options, because today’s low rates may could be gone tomorrow!

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