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Our services are FREE to you as we are compensate separately by the lenders.

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If you wonder why you will require our services to assist you to get a housing loan, here is a small introductory list of the value we bring to you

1) Save your hassle of going about getting your Singapore housing loan

Instead of physically going to all the local and foreign banks yourself to enquire about your housing loan for purchase or refinacne, we compile all the information for you. You can sit back and go about your daily activities while we handle the hassle of home loan hunting for you.

2) No pressure hard selling of home loans

When you go to a housing loan Singapore lender, they may have only 1 product that they can offer you. So that 1 product might be pushed onto you. When you engage our services, we compile all the suitable Singapore housing loan offers from many banks for you to choose from. You can easily compare all housing loan offers and take your pick.

3) Experience with housing loans in Singapore

You may not have had a lot of experience obtaining housing loans and uncertain of what terms are available and flexible. Imagine buying a car at what you thought was a good price, and a day later found out that a colleague bought the same car at the a lower price with a lot of freebies. We truly put your interest first when it comes to your best housing loan.

If you are wondering how you can afford our services, you can relax. We do not charge you any fees. The banks pay us separately. In effect, our value adding services are free to you.

So contact us now for a FREE housing loan analysis by filling up the above form and we will get to you shortly.

If you are going about sourcing your housing loan by yourself instead of engaging our free service, these are 3 key tips that might help you

Best home loan rates

Best home loan rates

Best home loan rates

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