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Need reliable and local Seattle plumbers for your home or business?

Pioneer Plumbing is ready to deliver the plumbing services you are searching for. We are proud of our team of Seattle plumbing experts. Our certified licensed and insured plumbing contractors are experienced in handling everything from leaky faucets to sewer repair.

Pioneer Plumbing is ready to handle all your residential and commercial plumbing projects and the unexpected plumbing emergency.

Looking to remodel?

We can help provide you with the right answers to all your plumbing questions. Our Seattle plumbing experts will work to assure you that your plumbing project is a success.

For new construction and remodels, residential or commercial…


(206) 789-8029

Our Company


We are full service residential and commercial Seattle plumbing contractors. We are experts in our field and are always ready to help you with all your plumbing needs! From sewer repair to leaky faucets, and new construction to remodels, Pioneer Plumbing continues to provide the best service possible at an exceptional price and with the hopes of building strong and long lasting customer relationships. We want to be your only reliable and dependable Seattle Plumbers. Pioneer Plumbing is fully licensed and insured and our plumbers are friendly, professional, and efficient!

Pioneer Plumbing is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that all of our services are safe for our customers and the environment. We provide lead-free plumbing at the most affordable price in Seattle. We also are able to renovate old plumbing safely to reduce the risk of lead poisoning. Seattle plumbing is what we do!

Water … water…. everywhere…. under the sink, on the floor, in the yard! You’ve tried and used everything you could to give an immediate solution to your pipe problem (water pipe sealants, water-activated fiberglass-resin tapes, and water pipe air hose threads) but nothing worked. It’s time to call in a Seattle professional plumbing contractor. It’s time to call Pioneer Plumbing!

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